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Sustainable Development Goals: Including ageing is essential

27 May 2015

This week I'm in New York at the follow up and review session of the intergovernmental meetings for the Sustainable Development Goals. Older women and men across the globe are calling for a follow up, implementation, review and appraisal process... Keep reading (1 Comment)


Tanzanian village voices: Demography, epidemiology, policy and the realities of care

30 January 2015

Tanzanian village voices: Demography, epidemiology, policy and the realities of care For many, it seems hardly noteworthy to mention that the world is ageing. Contrary to common belief, it’s not only European and high-income countries that are agei Keep reading


Ban Ki-moon's Synthesis Report through an ageing lens

18 December 2014

Since the UN Secretary General s long-awaited synthesis report on the post-2015 agenda came out last week and array of responses, from happy to not so happy, have been published on websites, through email lists and on social media. So... Keep reading (1 Comment)


Celebration and success in Pakistan on older people's rights

20 November 2014

On 1 October around the world, International Day of Older Persons is celebrated. Older people worldwide around the world call for age-friendly services and protection of their rights. This year, the celebration continued throughout October, as Internation Keep reading


Serbia: Age Demands Action and Global AgeWatch Index

06 October 2014

For the past eight years Serbia has marked the International Day of Older Persons by organising ADA campaign on the 1 October and for the last two years we have worked on introducing GAWI as a tool helping us in building... Keep reading


Leave no one behind… Including older people!

07 February 2014

The Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals' eighth and last stocktaking session has been taking place at the UN headquarters this week. Participating in the event has been a mixed experience: one minute older people are completely side-lined. Keep reading


Davos 2014: Deep discussions to reshape an ageing world

30 January 2014

"One in every two children born today will see their 104th birthday". This was just one of many remarkable predictions and challenges that Al Gore placed in front of a packed auditorium last Thursday at the World Economic Forum... Keep reading (1 Comment)


Shocking statistics on China’s ageing population

19 June 2013

Ageing as a policy issue is becoming of increasing importance in the world's most populous country, China. There are currently 194 million people over the age of 60 in China and this number is predicted to increase to 440... Keep reading


Addressing ageing and food security in Africa

11 June 2013

As the recent G8 Nutrition Summit shows, governments and NGOs have often overlooked the nutrition needs and food security of older people. The event, held on 8 June, brought together global leaders from diverse fields, including science, politics and... Keep reading


New report reveals insight into the situation of older people in Myanmar

12 March 2013

Population ageing is one of the biggest challenges facing East Asia. In Myanmar, currently about 9% of the population is aged above 60 and this is expected to rise rapidly. By 2050, it is estimated that older people will... Keep reading


The Serbia I want

11 March 2013

In my work coordinating the Red Cross of Serbia's activities for older people, I meet many older men and women who boldly state their views on how their lives can be improved through communal action. 17.4% of the Serbian... Keep reading


European Commission launches its proposals for the post-2015 framework

01 March 2013

This week in a cold grey Brussels, the European Commission (EC) launched its long-awaited communication on the post-2015 framework. This communication will help frame the European Union (EU) debate on this process in coming months and will contribute to.. Keep reading

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